Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Stehbars im Sǘden"

Siegfried Kracauer's essay on stand-up bars in the south of Italy took the motif of urban bar to the next level, describing them as a type of urban fragmentation and how they are simply an extension of the side walks. Unfortunately this type of fragmentation cannot occur in the United States because the heterogeneous mixing of people doesn't work that well...

Kracauer's observation of this fragmentation that led to a mixing of people was broken down into three distinct areas that he thought could define a space where optimal fragmentation would occur:
1. Architectural
       Sale of architectural styles, materials, periods, transition spaces from street.
2. Representational
       Mirrors: reality has become an issue of interpretation.
3. Social-Semiotic
       Human: The objects in the room receive meaning only through use or contemplation.  
                    Disconnected yet multifaceted.

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