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R.E. Somol

Figured I'd post some of my theory research so far though the semester and anyone interested in the state of architecture today should read these theorists [Somol, Kipnis] work

Eisenman V. Gossage

Soooo this is what studio has done for me so far this semester along with a couple of models, surprisingly a lot of work.
The concept of this semester long studio is control, more specifically control of form and formal decisions. The first iteration of work is a counterfeit  of Peter Eisenman's House VI diagram set that he produced after he had actually built the house, to give an indexical history to the project. Which in retrospect were the only interesting part of the project because the final architecture didn't work at all and looked like hell to live in [there was a staircase upside down in the house...] Producing this set let me know way more about Eisenman than I cared to know, interesting how a box can turn into a 'house' in 14 steps though.  
Anywayyyy the next part of the project forgery was to explore how the Eisenman would have done his project if he had computer aided design, maya, and more specifically the curve. So the whole process started over again reinterpreting all formal moves through the lens of the curve. The moves although different hold together through their nature of exponential levels of complexity through out the set as well as their formal composition [e.g. stairs, mullions, gridding]

Finally designing architecture now, thanks for House VI, Eisenman.

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