Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good + Bad + Ugly


Working Drawings 3.2

Some sections that I have been working on for my 4th year design [systems] studio. These drawings are trying to exemplify the the overall integrated green theme of the design. The wall is a system compromising of a triple layer design of super-insulated glass layered on top of a mesh green wall that is formed to utilize the Bernoulli effect and circulate [promote flow] air through out the building. Thus naturally ventilating as well as being aesthetically pleasing.



Interesting how a frame in time can be diagrammed into the millions of experiences leading up to that exact moment and what happens after. Specifically in terms of the life span of a building, even though I only observed a minute portion of the life span of a building [demolition], there are limitless frames in which can be documented.

OE midterm

Since we just had midterms for our 4th year design studio [systems] project I've decided to post some of my process diagrams for the project. These are just talking about the form of the building and how they came about due to surrounding site implications. Some renderings to follow.